Quartz Crystal Night Lights
My Quartz Crystal LED Night Lights were created initially for myself to have soothing night light that gave me the ability to change its color to fit my mood. Red for relaxing at night time and bold colors like blue, green or yellow during the day. I wanted it to be compact, so I had to design and fabricate a mold to create the base which supported the crystal and internal LED circuit board. The prototype base was machined out of aluminum rectangle, and a rubber mold cast to duplicate the base in a hard casting resin. It took several mold variations, rubber mold materials, and resin suppliers, to finally achieve my objective. Being satified, I decided to share my creation with others, like yourself.

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Quartz Crystal Pyramid NightlighttLight
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pyramid set
Quartz Crystal Galaxy Sphere NightlighttL


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crystal galaxy sphere








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